Every hour on the hour, you can enjoy high-quality video and audio recordings of the latest New Year's Concert 2020. This year ANDRIS NELSONS conducted the New Year's Concert for the first time.
The 2019 Summer Night Concert screening starts at 15 minutes to the hour - conducted by GUSTAVO DUDAMEL.
You can find the detailed concert programme on the Concert Hall's black entrance door.

Did you know that…

the traditional "male" Vienna Philharmonic association didn't welcome its first female member until 1997, so 155 years after the orchestra was founded? She was the harpist Anna Lelkes.
The first New Year's Concert was held on 31 December 1939 under Clemens Krauss. It was only after the second concert that it took place on New Year's Day. Please also take a look at the cabinet next to the Welcome Desk. Then as now, the concert was held in the "Golden Hall" of the Musikverein building, just a five minute walk from "Haus der Musik".

Orchestral sound and Viennese musical style

The Vienna Philharmonic's musical style is the result of its traditions and unique ensuing sound. The Viennese woodwind instruments sometimes have a different fingering system and a different form of mouthpiece or special reed. This is particularly noticeable with the Viennese oboe. The Viennese brass instruments, such as the trumpet, for example, have a rotary valve system and a somewhat narrower bore. Similar equipment also enables the trombone and Viennese tuba in F to produce improved tone colour and dynamics.
However, it's the Viennese horn in F that has the most significant differences from international instruments. Its sound quality is not as sharply defined, allowing smoother slurring. However, the Viennese timpani also have some special features. All the skin percussion instruments are covered with natural skins, in fact with goat skin heads, which produce richer overtones than plastic heads. And last but not least, we must mention the famous Viennese string sound. This is not so much based on the particular quality of the individual instruments, but rather on the specific Philharmonic playing style.

“Roses from the South” by Johann Strauss (Jr.), Waltz Op. 388

The Vienna Philharmonic's 1998 New Year's Concert was conducted by Zubin Mehta.