Here, at Instrumentarium, the principles of sound production are illustrated by means of four giant instruments.

The four types of sound production


Aerophones are instruments that are activated by air.


The sound is produced by a vibrating membrane that is stretched across a ring or a circular hollow chamber.


The instrument vibrates and sounds as a whole.


Sound is produced by vibrating strings.

Upon entering Instrumentarium, you will see the musical representative of the aerophones.  To your left: Hanging from the ceiling are organ pipes which represent this category.


On the touch screen at the table you can find out how some instruments of the aerophones family sound.

Above you, xylophone plates are attached to the ceiling. These represent all self-sounding instruments, also called idiophones.

Look for the touch screen on the second table and touch the screen to hear how idiophones sound.

The next station is our giant drum, which is representative of all so-called membranophones. You are welcome to carefully beat a rhythm with your flat hand on the drum.


At the third table, look for the touch screen and make the membranophones be heard.


The last giant instrument, and thus also part of this ambient sound installation, is our oversized string instrument, belonging to the group of chordophones.

Find the touch screen on the fourth table and make the chordophones resound.

The instruments are set into vibration by computer-controlled sound exciters, thus creating an unusual sound experience!