Sounds and noises are constant companions in our lives. Humans almost constantly perceive acoustic signals, consciously and unconsciously. An endless variety of sounds and noises from different sources and origins surrounds us every day. At home, on the road, at school, at work, at concerts, in nature.

Listen carefully as you walk through this room and discover what each sound is composed of. Follow the markings on the floor and pause for a moment at a time.
Often, completely different sounds, which seem to have remote origins, show remarkable similarities.

You can hear the following sounds:

  • Ringing of bells
  • Sound of the ocean
  • Birds
  • Airplane
  • Heartbeat
  • Tuning of orchestra instruments
  • Football stadium
  • Moon landing of the Apollo 11
  • Crack branches
  • Crickets chirp

Did you know that…

... the ear is the most sensitive and the fastest sensorial organ in humans?

More than a thousand successive events per second can be processed!