The Vienna Philharmonic Ball

The first Vienna Philharmonic Ball was held on 4 March 1924, after just eight weeks' preparation. The dance met all expectations - in terms of its financial result and social glamour.

The traditional ball has now taken place over 70 times. The most appropriate venue was and still is the Wiener Musikverein building opened in 1870. Starting with the first Subscription Concert on 3 November 1870 under the baton of Otto Dessoff, the Vienna Philharmonic had found a permanent home – both for its traditional New Year's Concert in the "Golden Hall" and for its traditional ball.

The composer and conductor, Richard Strauss, wrote a fanfare to welcome the guests of honour to this extraordinary dance. This is performed by six trumpets, eight horns, six trombones, two tubas and two timpani.

Did you know that…

the aim of the ball was to raise money for the orchestra's charities? A custom which continues to this day.

Richard Strauss – Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare 2010