The Virtual Conductor

You're now on the 4th floor, where the Virtual Conductor awaits - a real highlight of our exhibition!

Who doesn't want to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic? But who has the opportunity? Everyone does - thanks to HOUSE OF MUSIC'S VIRTUAL CONDUCTOR. Take up the baton and select one of our pieces of music by touching the screen with your finger. The establishment's Honorary President, star conductor Zubin Mehta, will give you some tips on conducting technique.

Try your luck with the "Danube Waltz", "Annen-Polka", "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", "Hungarian Dance", "Can-Can" or "Radetzky March". You're now the conductor of this world famous orchestra. The musicians will follow your instructions precisely and reward you with applause. But the virtual orchestra doesn't have unlimited patience... Anyone who doesn't keep in time is in for a surprise!


To confirm your successful guest appearance as conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, you can purchase a CERTIFICATE in our MUSEUM SHOP on the 4th floor.