Zoo Concert

To be a zoo director you don't need a permit from the Vienna Zoo Schönbrunn. A hands-on fairy tale for curious discoverers!

That's how it works: Simply stand on the circle and raise a hand. Your hand will appear on the screen.

In the "monkey menu" in the upper right-hand corner, tyou can first select a musical story and then let the animals dance, jump, waddle or even cuddle to the music by moving your hands. If you want to get active to the music right away, just put your hand on the "music monkey" in the lower left corner and off you go!

The “zoo concert” picture book with CD:

In our shop on the 4th floor, you can buy the zoo concert picture book and CD by Marko Simsa, the creator of zoo concert. The children's book was illustrated by Silke Brix, the music is by Erke Duit.

Making of zoo concert